1994 Chevy Z71


This one is from Nelson Whitman, keep us posted on any mods you make.

"Well guys i ain't got no lift on it, but i plan to get some after i get out of High school or maybe before. just gas is bad enough. It got a 5.7 350 in it and i got some pipes and i can't keep my foot out of it! I got 18 inch Glasspacks with no Cats with 4 inch tips. it sounds good got tha good rumble but when you get on it a loud rack off. I got a whip antenna on it with some KC's on the brush guard. Got some Mickey Tompson classic bulletholes on some 285/75/16 mmudking XTs and can't go wrong with the rebel flag tag! well i put it on here to see what respones i could get. well hope ya'll like it!"

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