Chevy Colorado on 35s?!?!?


Edward Hamond from Georgia Submits again, its really coming along, looks great.

"I know I've been on before but i"ve done alot since then. I'm Edward Hammond and this is my Colorado. First thing that happened was a 4" Tuff Country Suspension lift. Once I finished putting that in, next came wheels and tires. I'm running Black 16" Moto Metal 951s with 4.5" backspacing wrapped in LT315/75/16 Nitto Terra Grappler ATs. Next I removed the chrome letters on the sides of the truck. After that was completed i pulled off my taillights, sanded off the factory clearcoat and put on 2 coats of NiteShades tint. About this time i also painted my Bowtie grille icon Gloss Black. Then i decided she wasnt tall enough quite yet. i fabricated my own rear shackles to net a 2" rear lift and cranked the torsion bars up front to level it out. Recently I have added an Aries Bull Bar, 6000K HID low beam lights and a set of custom step bars. In addition to the aesthetics, i also lifted it 3 more inches via a Performance Accessories Body Lift. Stock these trucks are about 34 inches from ground to fender at the center of the tires. I'm sitting right about 47.5 at all four tires. She's my pride and joy and I'm happy with all the work I put into making it into what she is today. Thanks for checking out my work!"

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  1. September 30, 2011  10:06 am by wilkes county boy Reply

    u left off the part bout the truck lookin like shit after u rolled it

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