Chevy Heavy1500 4×4


From Jordan Finch in Arizona!

“hey there i am building a 1992 chevy 1500 it is a four wheel drive and i have built it from the ground up. i put the lift wheels ande tires. (35in tires 18 in wheels) i put the prerunner bumper on the front with three kc lights. it is limo tinted and has a spair mounted in the bed. new shocks all the way around. under the hood i have a throttle body adjusted so it will spin the tires clear off the truck with out even thinking about it i have a chip and a k and n filter onit. in side i have two twelves behind the seat and two 10s under the seat. with a pioneer flip open touch screen deck. thats my truck in an egg shell.”

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1989 GMC Burban

Today we have a 1989 lifted suburban from Daniel in New Mexico.  A man of few words.  "12" lift 37" tires 1ton axles"